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Historic Places And Recreational Opportunities

Relax in the comfort of your new home or hop in the car and go…

Wild Horses

Give yourself about an hour and a half and take your car on the 24-mile Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Loop Tour, starting in Rock Springs. This mostly gravel road winds through sparse vegetation with spectacular views. You’re mostly likely to see these magnificent animals at dusk or dawn.

T-Rex Bones

Take a walking tour of the Natural History Museum at Western Wyoming Community College to see gigantic dinosaur fossils up close. Millions of years before humans came to Wyoming, these enormous lizards thundered across the plains. Visit the T-Rex Café while you’re there.

Fishing, Boating, Hiking

Words cannot describe the beauty of Flaming Gorge – you must see the red and gold canyon walls and arid green forest for yourself. Clear water and abundant big fish in the Green River and the Flaming Gorge Reservoir.

Ancient Carvings

Located in the Upper Wasatch formation, the White Mountain Petroglyphs are a permanent reminder of the Native Americans  that called Sweetwater County home. With a 300-foot cliff face as their canvas, the area’s earliest-known human inhabitants created rock art that tells their stories. Carved by the ancestors of present Plains and Great Basin Native American People, they include drawings of elk, buffalo, horses, teepees, and human beings.

Dormant Volcano

Boar’s Tusk – an incredible landmark sticking up out of the middle of nowhere – is actually a long-dormant volcanic eruption, dating back 2.5 million years.


Historic clothing, photographs, and fascinating displays of antiques, the Union Pacific Railroad, early settlers and famous outlaws like Butch Cassidy and Calamity Jane at the City of Rock Springs Museum.

Time For a Cold One

Square State Brewing creates traditional styles and innovative recipes for a unique craft beer experience. Friendly atmosphere and really good beer. You can even order ‘curbside crowlers’ to go.

Mountain Men

Green River Mountain Man Rendezvous is an annual weekend event with an 1850s vibe, featuring skills and crafts from the Old West, like firearms, sign language, beaver trapping, clothes, tools, fire making, horse tack, packing, and Saturday night stories & songs.

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